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Planisphere Palindrome (Geo-Tao)

Escher Projection

This is a map that takes some time to get your head around; quite literally, because to appreciate it fully, you need to consider it both with its north side and its south side up...

And what do you know? There is no right side up -- or rather: there is no wrong side up. For this is a planisphere palindrome, a planet-chart that can be 'read' the same way 'upside up' and upside down. This is very strange. The size and distribution of the world's continents and oceans is random, the result of millions of years of continental drift. That process is still ongoing: the way the world looks like on our maps is but a snapshot, even if it feels like an eternity from our human perspective.

It would seem impossible to find a pattern with global consistency in that random jumble of land masses and water bodies. A map showing the overlap of antipodean dry lands doesn't seem to indicate any, at least. But the Italian artist Giacomo Faiella did find such a pattern. 

taken from "strange maps"  Frank Jacobs

Downside up

Upside down

Examples of Corresponding Points:

Australia = Mediterranean sea, Africa = Pacific Ocean, Asia = Indian Ocean, America = Atlantic Ocean, Antarctica = Arctic Ocean. India = Bay of Bengal, Indochina = Arabian Sea, Sumatra = Caspian Sea, Borneo = Black Sea, Philippines = Red Sea, New Zealand = Baltic and North Sea, Japan = African Great Lakes, Madagascar = Sea of Okhotsk, Tasmania = Adriatic Sea, Kamchatka = Mozambique Channel,

Sri Lanka = Ganges Delta, Antille = Amazon River, ...


Two Focus or Fixed Points: One in India and the other in Venezuela

Planisphere Palindrome etching  limited edition

Morph World

Matheron-Serra Projection

Examples of Twinned Areas:

Australia = Greenland, Africa = South America, Europe = Central America, Asia = North America.

Madagascar = Peninsula Antarctica, New Zealand = United Kingdom, Tasmania = Iceland, Fenno-Scandinavia = Baja California Peninsula, Turkey = Florida, Italy = Yucatan Peninsula, Greece = Mississipi River Delta, Borneo = Baffin Island, New Guinea = Ellesmere Island, Japan = Victoria + Banks Islands, Philippines = Sverdrup Islands, Sumatra = Newfoundland, Sicily + Sardinia + Corsica = Cuba + Hispaniola + Jamaica, Strait of Gibraltar = Panama Canal ....

There are a few curiosities (when you rotate the "hemisphere") like 1) Washington DC can be found in Iran! 2) In this map the term "american-indians" would be justified...rather than an explorer's mistake :) 3) "Afro-americans" could be the africans living in Brazil...rather than in the US 4)...


Julia-Mandelbrot Projection


Zoom-in (eg 1) South Asia

Zoom-in (eg 2) Europe

Zoom-in (eg 3) {static} Eng-world

PangaeaHedron - the Dimensional Drift

This map was created using the dynamics of a three-dimensional sphere that has been opened to form a two dimensional flat surface.
I started by drawing the coastlines directly onto the sphere. In some places I left the coastlines as they were because they already fit together perfectly (a famous example of this is the match between the coastlines of Africa and South America). In other places I had to somewhat force these matches. 
On my finished map, when the sphere is closed and complete, all of the continents fit together perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle. There aren’t any gaps between them and there aren’t any oceans. The Hadean Eon geological period proto-Earth was probably much like this. 
When I cut along my coastlines and opened the sphere, the continents fanned out into a position similar to that of an Azimuthal map projection. The gaps that were generated between the continents had a total area comparable with that of the present-day oceans. The resulting surface, however, still had bulges so I decided to cut along the principal rivers in order to flatten the two dimensional map. As I "opened up" the valleys, I was surprised to see the formation of mountain chains.


This PangaeaHedron - Dimensional Drift map is still work in progress. My intention is to create a sphere or multi-faceted polyhedron which can be easily opened and closed. I hope to show, in true Pataphysical style, continental drift theory and the formation of rivers and mountains in the transition from a three-dimensional solid form to a two-dimensional flat form.